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When Rotary unveiled the SmartLift in 1995, inground lifts were redefined. The Next Generation SmartLift builds on that platform improving the original design by adding several new features. In service facilities where inground lifts are the right choice, the Next Generation SmartLift is the only choice.

SmartLift Features

  • Capacities: 9,000 to 12,000 lbs.
  • Saves space - nine SmartLifts fit in the space of eight surface lifts
  • Low-profile arms great for vehicles with low ground clearance
  • No hard piping between the lift and its power source
  • Without columns, risk of vehicle damage is eliminated, shop appearance and employee workspace is improved
  • Uses 60 gallons less oil than old low-pressure inground lifts.

    Removable non-skid cover plate with a leak resistant seal allows easy access to interior system.

    Fully contained polymer composite housing with SMARTGUARD~ Protection protects the entire unit from the environment. A flexible entry boot keeps moisture from seeping between the PVC chase and entry.
  • Next Generation SmartLift Improvements

  • inbaytechnology included in every model
  • Three inches of additional rise
  • New Liquid Detection SystemTM (LOS) in the containment housing and on-screen alerts helps prevent accumulation of water (Patent Pending)
  • Guide pistons increased from 6 1/2(165 MM) diameter to 8 1/2' (216 MM) for more stability
  • Universal base units between 9,000 and 12,000 lb. models allow lifts to be converted after installation

    Inground lifts have been providing reliable service for decades. Improving on them to develop the SmartLift required vision, imagination and extensive engineering. Improving on the original SmartLift was harder yet. The result? The superior performance of the Next Generation SmartLift.

    EasyAccessTM cylinder design does not require bleeding and can be removed for servicing while other components remain in place. All hose connections can be accessed from floor level. (Patent Pending)

  • Planning for the Future

    [or the shop owner with future expansion plans, we offer the FUTURE KIT, a convenient and inexpensive way to accommodate the SmartLift later (SL29i and SL212i models). This kit features a housing unit with a heavy-duty cover plate and recessed bolts. A COMPLETION KIT is available with the internal working components for owners of the FUTURE KIT. For those who want to move and reinstall their SmartLift, a RELOCATION KIT is also available.
    Drive On Runway

    Convert any SL29i or SL212i to a runway style lift

  • Non-skid surface allows sure grip of tires and a “sure foot” for technicians standing on the lift.
  • Optional leveling legs for stability during alignment
  • Available wheelbases: 158” and 182”

  • Internal air connections for enhanced productivity in the shop

  • Runways can accommodate rolling jacks, bolt on alignment kits, turning radius gauges, oil drain pans and drive thru ramps

  • Surface vs. InGround Facilities

    When comparing surface to inground lifts, other key investment considerations include: cost of real-estate, construction cost, property taxes, shop appearance, etc. You can actually fit nine inground lifts in the same space as eight surface lifts, allowing for one additional bay to generate revenue

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