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Four-Post Lifts

Model SMO12i - 12,000 lbs capacity

Model ARO12i - 12,000 lbs capacity

Model SMO123 - 12,000 lbs capacity

Model ARO123 - 12,000 lbs capacity

Model QL4P - 10,500 lbs capacity

Model SM101 - 10,000 lbs capacity

Model SM180 - 18,000 lbs capacity

Model SM301 - 30,000 lbs capacity

Model RFL25 - 25,000 lbs capacity

Model QLHV - 10,500 lbs capacity

Versatility. It's the standard around which Rotary's four-post lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, trucks - even light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles with equal ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, Rotary's four-post lifts are the right choice. Rotary's four-post models can give you maximum productivity.

SM / SMO Model Options

  • Ramp kits for drive-through operations

  • Productivity and convenience items include work steps, rolling oil pans with splashguards, and more

  • Available wheelbase ranges from 158 to 307. Available lifting capacities from 10,000 - 30,000 lbs.

  • Bolt on alignment kits convert most models to two or four-wheel alignment racks

  • 45 degree turning radius gauges make alignments and front end adjustments quick and easy

  • Closed front models available

    ARO Models

    Specially designed for 4-wheel alignment and packed with standard features

  • 73 3/4 of rise

  • Two rolling jacks and drop-in rubber adapters

  • Open front or open rear design allows greater access

  • Available models up to 206 1/2 wheelbase

  • Recessed 45 degree turning radius gauges (14,500 lbs capacity each) are made of 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

  • Integrated airline coils

  • Quick air disconnects

  • Recessed 4-wheel slip plates

  • Portable work step

  • Multiple locking positions

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