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Inbay Technology

Information is Power.
The exchange of information The management of information. The utilization of information. It makes us more efficient, more responsive, and more productive. Information is the key to the evolution and growth of almost every industry, and automotive service and repair is no exception.

Rotary Lift is leading the automotive lift industry into the information age. We've made the commitment and invested heavily in research, development and production. We're delivering new lifts with a quantum leap in technological advancement - a flexible new platform that brings the power of information right into the service bay.

The new technology is called, appropriately, inbay~. It integrates the basic operational functions of the lift (up, down, lock latch release) and important information and safety resources (pick-up points, maintenance reminders, operating instructions, training) onto a single LCD screen. Its intuitive, user-friendly, and specially designed for the harsh shop environment.

It's still just a lift, right?
It goes up, it goes down? Will this really have an impact on the way technicians work? You bet it will. Think about the advances in gas pump technology - today electronic technology has created new ways stations are using information at the pump to drive extra business revenue. Look at the onboard information being offered in new

vehicles - directions, weather, roadside assistance, and remote diagnostics. Telephones today have onboard displays for caller ID, e-mail, and more. ATM machines. PDAs. What is driving all of these changes and advances in reliable electronics and microchip technology? Information is fundamental to the way we live, and it's fast becoming fundamental to the way we service vehicles.

It all leads to the bottom line.
As with any new innovation from Rotary Lift, the primary focus of inbay technology is to enhance shop productivity, improve safety, and build profits. Having the latest advancements in the shop also strengthens employee retention, a real important issue facing shop owners today. Return on investment is a built-in feature with every inbay-equipped lift.

But it's just the beginning.
What does the future hold for information technology in the service operation? It opens up a world of connectivity and productivity options. Integrated timekeeping and billing functions. Networked parts ordering. Electronic repair manuals and technical service bulletins. Interactive diagnostic tools. Wherever the path leads, inbay is poised to pave the way.

This is the information shop owners and managers want and need. This is the shape of the shop to come, and it's time to start thinking about it now. The integration of information is the story in the vehicle service industry today, and Rotary Lift is on the leading edge.

Increased Productivity, Enhanced Safety,
and Employee Retention

After extensive research and development, Rotary introduced inbaytechnology. Inbay represents the biggest advance in lift design since Peter Lunati built the first Rotary lift in 1925. lnba~/s dozens of features and benefits improve productivity, safety, and help increase employee retention.

Dual controls on two-post lifts save steps by allowing lift operation from either column

Bay management tools include owner and operator instructions, maintenance reminders, troubleshooting tips, date and time display and illustrated pickup points

Convenience features include integrated air and GFI-protected electric connections at the control panel, as well as a telephone/data port on the console

Ergonomics are improved by moving the power unit away from the operator to reduce noise and increase work space and by the use of soft touch membrane controls for single-hand lift operation
Onboard training is accessible at any time with the touch of a button

Advanced safety include an OSHA compliant lockable disconnect switch, an optical overhead sensor to keep vehicles from being raised too high, and an advanced electronic locking system.

Audible alarm, with an on/off option, signals when the lowering button has been activated

Low voltage operation (24v) in the event of a shorted or grounded circuit reduces the risk of shock Owners aren't the only ones for whom productivity and safety are critical. These qualities are also important to service technicians. Providing a productive and safe environment along with the newest technology helps attract and retain the best employees. With inbay technology employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, and service volume increase while turnover and training costs decrease.

Rotary Payback Chart

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